Premarital Couples’ Confidence Key to Happy Marriage, Experts Find

Relationship Experts Warn: Do Not Ignore Premarital Doubts

We’ve all heard that cold feet is normal leading up to the wedding day. It’s true that there is an expected amount of nerves involved with embarking on a whole new chapter in life. Any change will produce anxiety. However, couples who are about to walk down the aisle should not ignore any nagging doubts about marrying their partner.

A recent study published recently in the journal Family Process, showed that couples who were more confident in their relationship on their wedding day were happier than those who were not as assured. The confident couples  reported stable levels of happiness with their spouses at their three year anniversary. Over the course of the three year period these married couples spent more meaningful time together: Shared activities, communicating, showing affection.

In order to get that confidence before you say “I Do”, it’s best to deal with relationship issues up front. Most couples will sweep concerns under the rug and have faith that they will work themselves out.

Johnson, an author of the study says, “It is tempting to push those concerns down and just go with the flow, but couples need to remember, the doubts you are having are there for a reason and dealing with them will be beneficial.”

Premarital jitters does not mean that you should not get married. It does mean that there are some feelings and concerns to resolve so that you can feel confident on your wedding day. Premarital counseling is a great opportunity for couples to address any nagging concerns. A good premarital counselor will support the relationship and foster open, honest conversation that will ease anxiety.

Premarital Counseling is like a pair of wool socks for cold feet. Counseling before you marry is an effective way to make sure you and your partner are on the same page, are understood and feel confident that your relationship will withstand anything that comes your way.

If you would like to explore Premarital Counseling, contact me. I’m happy to discuss how I can support you feeling as assured as possible Before “I Do”.

Source: University of Alberta (2012, November 2). Confident beginning key to happy marriage: Don’t ignore doubts, experts warn.
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