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Sometimes we just need a few pointers to get us back on track. Browse the resources below for articles on stress management, communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and all things relationship. You will find quick tips and articles that will help improve your relationships.

Jennifer’s Relationship Articles

Relationship articles are available to you on Here you will find a resource of how-to’s and tips for building a happier, healthier you and relationship. Topics include: Improve Communication; Increase Intimacy; Resolve Conflict and Stress Management.

The Premarital Counseling Blog

Jennifer designed the Premarital Counseling blog specifically to help couples strengthen their bond. It includes several articles, updated weekly to help your relationship grow. Each article includes tips and advice for overcoming possible relationship obstacles. Examples include: Maintaining a Work Life Balance; The Art of The Apology and How to Stay Connected During Stressful Times.

Jennifer’s Articles on YourTango

Jennifer Chappell Marsh is a featured “Expert” on  Through her articles, she offers tips and advice on how to strengthen your relationships and personal growth. Sample topics include: How to Survive the Holidays as a Couple; What My Sister Taught Me Through Planning Her Wedding; 5 Non-Annoying Ways To Get What You Want.

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